Our weekly veggie boxes make eating better and supporting your neighbors easy! 

Trial Memberships Available

Aren't sure if a CSA is right for you? We offer low-commitment one month trial memberships to let you see for yourself without signing up for a whole season at a time. 

Join When You Want, Year-Round

We grow great food, year-round. So, we let our members join whenever works best for them rather than at a fixed start and end date each year.

Pause When You Need

Going on vacation? Traveling for work? We let you pause your membership when you need a break at no charge.

Flexible Pickup Times at Durham Co-op Market

No need to plan your entire week around a brief pickup window. Farm shares get stored in the Durham Co-op Market's cooler to keep your share fresh and available for pickup anytime between 4 PM on Tuesday and store closing on Wednesday.

Everything Is Online and Simple

Sign up online. Pay online. Put your share on hold online. Switch pickup location online. It's all easy and customer focused.

Switch Pickup Days and Locations

Want to pick up at the farm instead of the Durham Co-op Market? No problem!

When and where can You pickup?

  • Durham Co-op Market pickup between 4 PM on Wednesday and store closing on Thursday
  • Pittsboro on farm located within town limits, pickup between 4 PM on Tuesday and Midnight on Wednesday.
  • Carrboro near Fitch Lumber after 5:30 PM on Tuesday

How does our csa work?

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a model in which the producer and consumer develop a close working relationship to grow and eat healthful, local, and sustainable foods. The consumer invests in the farm by paying the cost of membership upfront. In return, the farm provides a weekly share of whats fresh and best each week. By paying upfront, CSA members help fund the large initial costs of the season and provide the farm with a consistent market for its products..

We are a small farm with just under two acres of growing fields. While our farm grows a great quantity and diversity of produce year-round, we simply can't grow every crop under the sun all the time. There are some crops that just plain make more sense for other local farms to grow who have more space or more of a specialty (think field crops like sweet corn and potatoes). We still love and eat these crops, but we buy them into our homes and the CSA from other local and sustainable farms we trust. This allows us to focus on producing the core majority of the CSA share at the highest quality and consistency, while still ensuring we provide our members well balanced shares with curated treats like local organic blueberries in late spring.