I fully understand the details of purchasing a CSA membership from Piedmont Biofarm.

I understand that farming is an inherently risky and unpredictable enterprise and that it will not be possible to be guaranteed exact varieties and quantities of product provided throughout my membership commitment period. Weather, disease, pests, and other production challenges do and will occur, and my membership is in fact purchasing the farmers' best efforts rather than exact product.

I understand that Piedmont Biofarm will be planting and maintaining crops for me throughout the period I am now committing to be a member. By joining the CSA, I am purchasing the farmers' efforts to produce food for me over this commitment period. Because of the significant upfront efforts and risk assumed by the farmer to fulfill this purchase, cancelling my membership before my commitment period concludes cannot result in a full refund being provided by the farmers. If I am unsatisfied or otherwise feel it necessary to demand a refund for the remainder of the commitment period, I understand that Piedmont Biofarm will only be able to return half of the remaining balance on my account. The other half will go towards covering the real costs the farmers' will incur from my premature departure and will not result in my further receipt of products during the remainder of the original commitment period.

I understand that the farm provides me with the option to hold delivery of my weekly share on a limited basis depending on the length of my commitment period. This option requires at least 48 hours notice to be provided to the farm and results in the week a hold is requested not counting towards the total number of weeks in my commitment period. Other details for how delivery holds work can be found in the CSA's help section. If I do not provide adequate notice and cannot pick up my weekly CSA share, it will be donated to the farm's community partners to prevent food waste and it will count towards the number of weeks in my commitment period.

I understand that my payments must be made on time and that the farm reserves the right to assess a late fee of $10 or 5%, whichever is greater, on late payments of 30 days or more. If payment is still not made by 60 days, another late fee of $10 or 10%, whichever is greater, will be added onto my late payment.