Come join friends and soon-to-be friends at The Farm Kitchen, a multi-course, hyper-local and sustainable dinner at Red Hawk Farm.

As farmers, food is one of the most important things in our lives, not just because we grow and sell produce for a living, but because we are surrounded by a tradition of cooking. Our love of food stems from the fact that our lives are so closely entwined with the coming of each season and the anticipation of each new crop. We have created an immersive dining experience that gives our guests unique access to our farm, to our kitchen, and ultimately to us through the act of sharing a meal together.

Our menus not only reflect what is in season but also our vision of good food. We believe in new interpretations of tried and true ingredients, highlighting heirloom and otherwise unconventional components, and utilizing whole plants and animals to reduce waste and draw out exquisite, less common flavors.

The farm's dining program is led by farmer and chef Geoff Seelen, formerly of the Blue Hill restaurants in New York, who has created an inventive, single-origin cuisine based on what the farm produces from month to month. Fair Game Beverage Company, Pittsboro's only legal distillery, is always open prior to the main event for those who enjoy good beer, fortified wine, and quality spirits. We welcome you to BYOB should you so wish.

The evening begins with a tour of the farm; dinner usually concludes around 9:00 or 9:30.

Farmer/Chef Geoff Seelen

Farmer/Chef Geoff Seelen