Sunchokes, Baby Brussel Sprouts, Rain, and More Rain

The rain won't seem to let up on the farm. As with most of what nature throws our way, something likes it and something hates it. Our back field of vibrant cover crop is thriving in the warm and wet weather we have been having.
Week of 11-9-15
What's in the CSA this week:

Supersize Shares - Murasaki Sweet Potatoes, sunchokes, celtuce, head lettuce, kale, chardcelery, and cilantro

Full Shares - Murasaki Sweet Potatoes, sunchokesceltuce, head lettuce, chard, celery, and cilantro

Individual Shares - Murasaki Sweet Potatoes, sunchokes, head lettuce, chardand cilantro

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Sunchokes are a crop that is just beginning to get the attention it deserves. Not sure what to make of them (or with them), check out Chef Geoff's blog!
Baby Brussels are beginning to sprout! We are excited to start cooking and selling one of our favorite crops within the next week or two. 
Have a great week!