Durham Farmer's Market 5/16/15

Another beautiful week of weather on the farm. The spring flush of growth is really kicking in and lots of traditional spring crops are finally ready for harvest. This week we will have our first Broccoli of the year! Interplanting Broccoli and Head Lettuce is a great way to get the maximum use of a bed and it has the added benefit of partially shading the lettuce under the sprawling broccoli leaves. 

We will also have our first harvest of Sugar Snap Peas! Probably not going to be a lot but spring wouldn't be the same without them. Also full size and baby Chioggia, Golden, and Early Wonder Tall Top Beets. Big Red Radishes, Dill, Cilantro, and Cilantro Root. Still lots of cool season greens like Kale, Chard, Pac Choi and Collards. Maybe some Arugula. Some huge Hakurei Turnips - despite their size they are sweet and juicy all the way through. Beautiful pink and green Lamb’s Quarters and Green Onions.

If there's anything you'd like us to hold for you at market just send an email and we'll set it aside on Saturday morning.